Product discontinuations

Hand pump OK 9 C (combined barrel thread G2" and M64x4)

As part of a portfolio optimization in the pumps segment, production of the hand pump OK 9 C will be discontinued with effect from June 30, 2024. The discontinuation relates exclusively to the version with combined barrel thread G2" and M64x4. The OK 9 B hand pump variant with 2" barrel thread will remain in the product portfolio.

The following items are affected by this measure:

Part no.Type Alternative
Part no.       
122033000          Hand pump OK 9 C    
rigid suction tube 840mm 
122029000          Hand pumpe OK 9 B
incl. telescopic tube  
122039000Hand pump OK 9 C
incl. telescopic tube  
122029000Hand pump OK 9 B
incl. telescopic tube  
122053000Hand pump OK 9 CS   
rigid suction tube 840mm 
122029100Hand pump OK 9 BS Kit  
incl. telescopic tube   
122059001Hand pump OK 9 CS
rigid suction tube 840mm and accessories 
122029100Hand pump OK 9 BS Kit           incl. telescopic tube  










As shown in the overview above, the hand pump OK 9 B is the suitable alternative. Please note that the version with telescopic suction tube is suitable for various applications (60 l and 200 l containers), to optimize your stock turnover rate Stocks of the OK 9 C drum screw connection are currently still available, but we reserve the right to sell them off early.
Our sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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