Code Of Conduct

We are very mindful of our role as a responsibly active member of society and of our responsibility to customers, business partners, shareholders, and employees. We take these responsibilities very seriously. We are therefore committed to the principles of conduct that such an awareness compels us to embrace.

These principles form the basis for our entrepreneurial activities and social conduct. Our company ‘s management and employees are guided in their actions by the principles of personal responsibility, honesty, loyalty, and respect for the environment and their fellow human beings.

In our pursuit of a successful future for our company, we base our expectations on

  • a management that acts responsibly and in an exemplary fashion
  • the skills, energy, and hard work of our employees
  • reliable social and political conditions
  • and the opportunities afforded by scientific and technological progress.

This Code of Conduct is intended to encourage all members of our company to act responsibly and to take responsibility for their own actions.