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The clean and modern oil supply for the whole workshop - either mobile or stationary.

TMS smart — no more oil losses. 
Effektive fluid management for the workshop. 

Keep an eye on levy and inventory control and switch to the new wireless TECALEMIT oil management system "TMS smart". Optimize your inventory control, maximize your profit and benefit from complete control with maximum flexibility and reliability.

As a standalone system or connected to an existing dealer management system (DMS) - the TMS smart family, combined with our myTecalemit fill level monitoring, offers you the most modern oil inventory monitoring and dispensing system currently available on the market.

TMS smart - oil management made easy!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • One system for mobile and stationary application
  • Simple installation
  • Fast and easy operation
  • Precise measurement and dispensing
  • Full control via "TMS smart Control" software
  • Fast payback with price advantage over conventional systems
  • Can be easily integrated into existing systems


As simple as that:

  • Not a drop of oil is lost! Track all your consumption and analyze it in the preinstalled software „TMS smart Control“, exactly how much oil was dispensed for which job. Save valuable oil this way.
  • Data is transmitted wirelessly via ZigBee® in real time. The unlimited expandability of the system is thus guaranteed and long, disruptive cable runs and additional network installations are no longer necessary.
  • Before using the system, authorization can be achieved via a transponder or a code entry. This gives you full control over access at all times. 
  • Whether stationary or mobile, TECALEMIT or retrofitting of an existing system - the TMS smart Family can be deployed individually and masters different on-site configurations without any problems! With just one system you can manage your entire fluid supply.
  • The components are easy to install and allow fast and intuitive operation. 
  • The paperless documentation also supports a tidy, sustainable workshop.



The TMS smart Family scores with its modular composition and the usual TECALEMIT quality. The system is scalable as required and features durable and low-wear components.

  • TMS smart Meter
    Robust and high quality manual flow meter with LC display and keypad.
  • TMS smart Gateway
    The central communication and control unit manages the data processing and controls the communication among the devices.
  • TMS Smart Repeater
    The optional signal repeater supports the gateway and ensures smooth data transport.
  • TMS smart Control
    The software gives you full control over the system and allows you to view users and taps.


The smart manual flow meter

TMS smart meter is our conveniently and intuitively make various entries, perform dispensing operations and call up information (e.g. order number, liter quantity, etc.). The graphic display shows you the battery status, the respective fl uid and the dispensing point. The manual flow meter has a locking catch, swivel joint and a filter is also integrated.

  • Incl. integrated transponder reader for fast user identification
  • incl. ZigBee® communication module
  • For oils and radiator antifreeze concentrate
  • With modern and practical operating unit
  • With large LC graphic display
  • High quality workmanship

Technical data 

  • Viscosity range: 20-2.000 mPa•s
  • Flow rate: max. 10 l /min
  • Operating pressure: 70 bar
  • Threaded connection: G ½“ female
  • Measuring accuracy: ± 0,5 % (after calibration)
  • IP protection:: IP54
  • Media: engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil and radiator antifreeze 
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Weight: 1.700 g
  • Materials: aluminum, PEEK, steel (galvanized & uncoated), stainless steel, brass, coated magnet (Parylene), FKM, PTFE


The signal amplifier

The TMS smart Repeater expands the network as required and acts as a ZigBee® signal amplifier for the TMS smart Gateway.

  • Incl. wide range plug-in power supply
  • Incl. LED status lights

Technical data 

  • IP protection: IP33
  • Power supply: 110–240 V; 50-60 Hz
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Weight:: 260 g 
  • Dimensions, mm (W x H x D): 107 x 282 x 56 


The Software

TMS smart Control can be operated locally via any internet browser and protected by secure login. This way you have access to your data at any time and can easily view and control your order data. The dashboard can be set up for each user individually. From the dashboard you have access to the most important functions. 

Real-time overview of oil consumption, dispensing processes, devices and users in real time? No problem with TMS smart Control! Best of all, the software is already preinstalled, so you can start immediately without lengthy installations. Increase your productivity and professionalism and and make your operating processes even more effi cient!

 At a glance

  • Multi-user application thanks to assignment of different login data without additional costs
  • Browser access allows free choice of device and operating system
  • Clear design of the user interface and intuitive handling
  • Provision of updated data 24/7
  • Overview of open and completed orders
  • Manual creation of orders with oil grade and quantity to avoid incorrect deliveries
  • Administration and creation of operators

TMS Smart Control 
You need an interface to your dealer management systems for networked order data management? TMS smart Control Pro offers interfaces to the most common dealer management systems (DMS). Give us a call and learn more. 


How does it work?

Tank data transmission in a quickly installed and simple system: No problem for the TMS smart Family.

The clever package consisting of TMS smart Meter, Gateway and Repeater delivers current tank data directly to the pre-installed software "TMS smart Control". You want the user to identify himself before operating the fueling process? This is also possible using contactless transponder technology. For you, this means: more control, precision and transparency - so not a drop of oil or radiator antifreeze is lost!


mobile & stationary

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