OilControl 6

The OilControl program is used to communicate with connected TMS/TKS units. Order data is managed using the program. Orders can be created and completed dispensation data is backed up in the program database. The dispensation data can be exported from the program in CSV or TXT format.

OilControl air

The Oil Control air program serves to facilitate communication between existing TMS air/LevelController air units in the intranet. With the program, dispensing orders can be set up, order information administered, and completed dispensation information backed up as well was exported from the program.



PC Mini Gateway 1.1.1

The PC MiniGateway program is for configuring the MiniGateway using a PC.

PC MINI GATEWAY 1.1.1 (877.50 KB)
PC Gateway File 3

The program serves as a link between the dispensation units (TMS/TKS) and the DMS (Dealer Management System). Order data can be exchanged in File format between the program and the DMS.

PC Gateway File 3 (4.04 MB)
PC Gateway ASA 5.031

The program enables the connected TMS II/III&TKSIII/IV units to communicate with the ASA network manager.

PC Gateway ASA 5.031 (3.99 MB)


LevelControl 3.9.5

The LevelControl 3 program is used to access the fill level and the configuration of the HORN ATG's LevelMaster, LevelMaster Compact and LevelController 4.

LevelControl 3.9.5 (2.49 MB)


UDP - TCP/IP - Network Test Tool

For users, the program serves as a preliminary test of the UDP-TCP/IP connection of the network.

UDP - TCP/IP - Network Test Tool (2.17 MB)
TMS / TKS - Connection Tool

The connection tool enables the user to configure various baud rates and parameters and to select the COM port. Via the monitoring feature, users can check if the devices are communicating.

TMS / TKS - Connection Tool (740 KB)
HDA - COM Port Connection Check

The tool serves serves to check the network, with this it is possible to send a broadcast signal.

HDA - COM Port Connection Check (665.50 KB)
USB Configuration Program 1.9.2 - TMS III - TKS IV

The USB Configuration Tool program makes it easy to configure a TMS III or TKS IV via the USB interface.

USB Configuration Program 1.9.2 - TMS III - TKS IV (1.49 MB)