Technical Product Training

By presenting these little video product tutorials, we would like make you aquainted to our newest products as well as show you the comprehensive features of the most important TECALEMIT and PCL products.

PCL Air Connector

Efficient use of products

For us the efficient use of our products is very important.
Therefore we offer trainee courses throughout the year.

For application or questions please contact:  
T +49 461 8696-15

HDM Pro Diesel Fuel Pump

The HDM pro diesel fuel pump is HORN TECALEMIT's latest high performance fuel terminal. It accommodates up to 2,000 users, and its extensive range of features allows for flexible and comfortable operation.

- Identification via transponder technology
- Includes PC software
- WiFi, LAN, and USB interfaces for data retrieval
- 4-meter dispensation hose with an automatic pump nozzle and hose holder 
- Max. flow rate: 140 l/min