Tire pressure regulator AutoAir ll CAR - pedestal unit

Article number : 117310000
EAN : 4031109003964
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Electronically controlled, automatictire pressure regulator.Stainless steel housing, illuminated display.Legally calibratable, approval through PTB design approvalNo. 18.08/00.03 / 18.08/05.03M

  • Easy to operate
  • Desired tire pressure is
  • preselected with the use of 2 buttons (+/-) and then confirmed with the (v) button
  • Filling process starts automatically after
  • Hose is connected
  • Microcontroller determines the current tire pressure
  • Filling process is terminated automatically once the set value has been reached
  • Signal alarm sounds when set value has been reached
  • Leakage in the valve connector is indicated by an error message

AdvantagesNo moving parts, therefore

  • No wear and tear
  • Not susceptible to ingress of dirt
  • Easy operation without requiring the use of much force

Keypad is integrated into the front panel sheet, allowing for

  • Easy cleaning
  • Increased weather resistance

Quality that is Made in Germany

technical details

Article number117310000
Net Weight15kg
Power supply (electrical voltage)230V
Power supply (electrical frequency)50Hz
Hose length10m
Power consumption12W
Filling pressure max.5,5bar
Deviation / Tolerance< 0,08bar
Air supply min/max7 - 16bar