Fuel suction unit TankQuick 100 F2

Article number : 013895201
EAN : 4031109002462
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  • For diesel, petrol, E85 (ethanol fuel blend)
    • ATEX specification: II  3G  Ex h  IIA  T3  Gc   X
    • Electrically conductive hose and transport system
    • Potential equalization
    • Vapor recovery system
    • Fill level indicator
    • Chassis with two rollers
    • GS mark


  • Adapter set for flexible fuel line (item no. 020202011)

technical details

Article number013895201
Gross Weight56kg
Flow rate7,5l/min
Noise level77dB(A)
Compressed air connectionmin. 7 bar, max. 10 bar
Exhaust tubeDN 9 x 2,5 m
Tank capacity100l
Max. medium temperature+ 40°C
Effective capacity90l