Tank-mounted unit, pneumatically-driven TP 1n 1000 l, non-calibratable

Article number : 015418501
EAN : 4031109006576
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  • PE-combi storage tank, double walled, galvanized outer casing, fill level indicator. Pallet feet for pallet truck or forklift
  • Pneumatically-driven compressed air pump
  • 6.30 m hose line
  • FMOG hand flow meter, digital, non-calibratable
  • The legally prescribed, design-approved overfill protection device is available in the optional safety tank accessory set, which may be ordered separately

technical details

Article number015418501
Net Weight150kg
Flow rate10l/min
Tank capacity1000l
Viscosity rangemax. 2000mPa·s
Operating pressuremax. 10bar
Delivery pressuremax. 10bar
Output hose6,30 m